As a health writer and editor, my job involves different processes, such as editing health content to check for grammatical errors, plagiarism, tone of writing, and ensuring it meets your brand's style guides. I will help you tell your brand's story by creating attractive, engaging, and delightful content that resonates with your audience and potential clients.

I also work as a content strategist, content manager, and SEO specialist for health brands. 

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My services include:

  • Health article writing
  • SEO researched-writing
  • Running SEO updates on old content
  • Health article editing and editorial management
  • Developing content strategies
  • Blog writing
  • Health website content management
  • Content proofreading and editing
  • Keyword and website analysis
  • Managing a writing team and assigning topics to writers
  • Health brand promotions (on social media)

Who Are My Services For?

I have worked with individual clients and top health brands based in different parts of the world. At least 65% of the clients I have worked with are based in the US and the UK. 

My services are for you if:

  • You need an experienced writer who is passionate about sharing accurate health information, is highly skilled in breaking down complex health information into easy-to-read pieces, writes with empathy and knows how to run in-depth research
  • You need an editor to manage a team of writers, recruit talented writers, create style guides and content briefs for articles, assign articles to the writers, monitor article submission, and edit the articles to be sure they are well-written for readers and well-optimized for the search engine. 
  • You own or manage a health website and need a content strategist to revamp your content creation process, create topic clusters and come up with the right topics that resonate with your brand goals and your audience's needs.
  • You need an SEO specialist to help you run topic and keyword research, conduct competitor analysis and assign topics that will make your website highly discoverable on Google search engine result page (SERP)
  • You need a writer with hands-on experience and knowledge of how to boost your website's clicks, page views and impressions
  • You need a someone to help you track your articles' performances using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Control, someone who can interpret the analytics results and help you make decisions that will improve your website's performance based on the results
  • You need an SEO update editor to audit and update old, already-existing content on your website
  • You need a content manager to help you manage the content creation and editorial aspects of your health website